Bret Mosley

Do you prefer to perform in a group or alone? If in a group, who do you love to play with?

Bret Mosley responded on 10/11/2011

Solo is most familiar & probably what I'm best at right now. But I love getting the chance to be onstage with others, and I'd like to do more of that going forward. Danielle Howle got up w/me in Charleston recently...changed my life. At the Blackswoods Music Festival last month, Kenny Liner & I debuted our duo project. Got to sit in with Mookie Siegel & Chris Jacobs, and The Jackmormons, absolute joy & a privilege.
For my next Rockies tour (Jan. '12), I'll be joined by an extraordinary drummer - Zechariah Lloyd Tillotson from Oxford, MS. There have been times onstage with him when I was crying tears of joy song after song. He's incomparable in terms of the passion & musicality he brings to what I do.
Then there's my first drummer, Craig Santiago - in Woodstock. We hope to work together again soon. He's a genius, a master & utterly unique in his style & groove.
I also love playing with drummer Brad Gunyon in Brooklyn. He is so exciting & punctuates things in a spectacular way.

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