Bret Mosley

Hey Bret, I think you may be double booked. Rock Island Live, Wichita, KS. has you on the schedule for 9pm 7/24, and Trouser Mouse in M0 has you scheduled for 8pm. the same evening. Can you clear this up for me? I'm trying to finalize the plans for my sister's Birthday in Wichita so, no offence to MO., but I hope we get you--I think you'll enjoy the Wichita gig much better than the one in Lawrence--Namaste-Margo Martinez Topeka, KS.

Bret Mosley responded on 07/17/2013

Hey Margo!
I LOVE Rock Island Live! I had one of the most memorable nights ever playing there in January. Their website is way out of date...the listing for me you see on their homepage is for January, not July.
So...the 7/24 show is definitely in Missouri at Trouser Mouse. Wish I was going to hit Wichita this time.
Thank you for the downloading the tracks at my site, btw!

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